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The Team Definition as per NAGAAA Guidelines or Player Rating Committee ("PRC") for the softball season is as follows: Your top rated 10 players cannot exceed the overall team rating.


Division Player Rating Overall Team Rating (not to exceed)
A 1-27 270
B 1-20 185
C 1-15 145
D 1-12 105
E 1-8 95

Player Rating Process

  1. All players must be rated prior to the start of the season.
    1. Player Rating Committee will rate all new players prior to conducting the DRAFT. Two dates and times will be available.
    2. New players must be rated by the Player Rating Committee (PRC).
    3. All players must be re-evaluated by their managers during the season. Due to the Commissioner no later than June 15th each year.
  2. Any player rating that decreases by 2 or more points must complete an appeal form and submit it to the PRC for review and approval.

Protest Procedures

  1. A protest must be issued before the end of the game. It must be made to the umpire with the following information:
    1. The player name;
    2. the player jersey number and the question(s) that is/are being protested.
  2. The game continues. No discussion is required. The umpire records the protest and passes it on a member of the CGSL Executive or PRC member.
  3. Only a Manager, an executive member or member or the PRC can submit a protest for the PRC to review.
  4. Within one week of the protest being filed a minimum of three-member counsel of the PRC/ CGSL Executive will convene to review the protest. The protesting manager, team manager and player may be called upon to give evidence. The player can continue to play until the CGSL executive renders a decision.
  5. All player ratings are subject to protest and penalties (if assessed). The PRC will recommend its findings to the CGSL executive for final approval. The mechanics of this process will follow at a later date.

Process for filing an appeal

All players can appeal their rating prior to the start of the CGSL Season.

  1. Please complete the attached form and submit to any member of the CGSL Executive.
  2. PRC will review and make recommendation
  3. All appeals must be completed on the PRC Appeal Form.



The PRC will review and approve all players going to the GSWS subject to final approval by the CGSL executive.