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Officiating: The league will adopt USA Softball, Softball Canada and Slo-Pitch National rules. The UIC will ensure that all umpires are accredited each year by Softball Canada or Slo-Pitch National.

CGSL Mandated Rules of Play:  The CGSL uses the ASA and Softball Canada rulebook in addition to the following:

Only CGSL registered players can play.

Games are 70 minutes or 7 innings in length – whatever comes first.

No new inning will start after 60 minutes.

The last inning will be an open inning – whether it is the 3rd or 6th inning.

Run Differential Rule (Mercy Rule) is 5 runs per inning.

Further Run Differential Rule for Playoffs.

An umpire will end a game if one team leads in runs batted in by either:

           i) 15 runs at the end of 4 innings of play,

           ii) 10 runs at the end of 5 innings of play,

           iii) 5 runs after 6 innings of play.

 There shall be two extra hitters permitted (teams may bat 12 players);

Managers have the option of batting all rostered players on the line up in the game.  These players should be listed on the line-up cards provided to the opposing manager and umpire prior to the start of the game.  If at any time during the game, a player becomes injured and is unable to continue play, that player may be removed from the batting order without penalty.

Exception:  If a player is ejected, the player may be substituted from the listed substitutes only.  Ejected players will be counted as an out when it comes to that player’s turn to bat, if there is no substitute.

Substitutions are still allowed without penalty; however, the player must be on the lineup card as a substitution.


Number of Players:

Teams can start with 6 players (use opposing team player as a person to
return ball to pitcher) – Players can be added anytime to the batting order up to 10 (but must be added to the bottom),

Teams can play with 9 players -- Players can be added anytime to the batting order up to 10 (but must be added to the bottom), and

Teams can play with 10 players -- Players can be added up to 12 before going through the batting order. After going through the order, the player would then need to be substituted.

Any additions to the batting order must be reported to the umpire and opposing score keeper;

Line up sheets must contain first and surname initial and player number.Pick Up Rule:  A team that only has 6, 7 or 8 original team players available for a game and is at risk of defaulting may opt to use the pick-up rule:

    i)Only CGSL registered playing members may be used as pick-up players,

    ii) A list of pre-registered pick-up players will be handed out to each manager at the beginning of the season. Players may be picked up same day if required,

    iii) No more than three (3) pick-up players may be used during any one game (4 pick ups if start with 6 on roster.

    iv) A team using pick-up players must notify the manager of the opposing team and the Umpire prior to the start of the game,

    v) Upon consent from the opposing manager if the team has 8 players and to avoid a forfeit, they may request the use of the opposing teams Catcher. The Catcher would not be involved in any plays made at home plate,

    vi) With 8 Regular players and using Catcher from opposing team this is where the automatic 9th batter would classify as an automatic out,

    vii) Pick-up players must be used for the entire game,

    viii)If a team has eight (8) original team players, you are allowed to call up two (2) pick-up players.

    vix) If a team has seven (7) original team players, you are allowed to call up three (3) pick-up players.

    xx) Pick-up players are not necessary, nor allowed if you can field nine (9) original team players and may pick up one (1) player, or play with 9 and the 10th batter is not an out.

    xxi) Pick-up players are allowed to play any position without restriction.

    xxii) Pick-up rules do not apply during play-offs.  A team must field a minimum of 9 rostered players.

Each team must have their own field equipment – bats, gloves, protective safety equipment – catcher’s mask, etc.   It is recommended that all catchers wear a face mask.

New game balls are supplied by the league and umpires/managers will bring to the field.

Both teams will prepare the field for play before each game and upon final game of day, both teams will remove the bases, equipment and return to storage.

All bases must be double spiked, except 1st base, which should have three

All players must wear a uniform with identifiable numbers on their jersey, no two persons can have the same number (except for pick-up players) and all players must wear their uniform when on the field of play;

All rosters must identify players by given names along with their number (no nicknames permitted);

Maximum/minimum rosters to be determined by the Executive Committee prior to the start of the season.

Field bases are set up at 70 feet apart and the pitcher’s mound is 50 feet from home plate.

Any inning started must be finished unless deemed unsafe to play by umpire;

A game is a minimum of 5 complete innings (4 1/2 if home team is ahead);

Teams will be allowed a maximum of 5 runs batted in per inning.  If the maximum of  5 runs is reached by a team at bat prior to the opposing team making the third out, play for that half of the inning will cease, regardless if players are left on base.

Teams playing the last game on Friday evening where the game goes past 11:10 pm and/or the lights go out: If 4 complete innings have been played; the game is ruled complete and is an official game.  If only 3 innings have been played, the game must be rescheduled. The UIC/Umpire will determine.

Games will be played if it is raining.  Games will be put on hold if lightning is seen and will games will be held down for 20 minutes after lighting, before the game may proceed.  If lightning is seen again during the down time, the 20 minute minimum limit restarts from the last lightning strike.  The UIC/Umpire will determine.

Courtesy runners – Each team may use a maximum of 6 courtesy runners per game, with a maximum of 2 courtesy runners per inning per team.

Umpires to check bats of teams prior to start of game to ensure they are in compliance with the banned bats list.  The league will allow bats stamped with USSSA, ASA 2000, ASA 2004, ASA 2008 and ASA 2012 stamps.

Portable countdown timer to be kept behind home plate and be visible to all players.

Score board will be kept behind home plate or next to home team dugout.

Teams must provide at least 24 hours’ notice of forfeit of games.

Foot Wear - As per Softball Canada and Softball Ontario, players must wear foot wear that does not have open toes, ie: sandals, flip flops. Rubber Cleated shoes are recommended. Note: No metal cleats are allowed.