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Below is an address Geoff daSilva gave at the 2019 Awards Banquet and Dinner.  Several people approached us stating what he said resignated. If you weren't there or you don't remember please read below.  

I can attest that volunteering for many events and positions within the CGSL has changed my life and created a choosen family that I am proud to be part of and can't imagine my life without. 

Consider volunteering for the CGSL, NAGAAA or any organization that you are passionate about, it is very rewarding. 

Lisa Cameron

CGSL Assistant Commissioner



This is my 41th year sharing this evening with you. It must be obvious to you all that I either have a serious addiction or that I am hopelessly in love with you. I leave it to you to decide.

Ken has been most generous in permitting me to be up here. I know that you are a captive audience and it is my hope to say something of value to you.

Whether this was your first year in the CGSL or one of many, as you look around this room one thing must strike you in a remarkable way. You are in the presence of friends, warmth, love and camaraderie. This just didn’t happen as if by magic but it is magical. It is the manifestation of generosity, of the giving of self for the sole purpose of showing how much you are loved and cherished.

For the past twelve months, your executive board, your managers, your volunteers, have worked to provide you with a summer of fun, recreation, sport, the opportunity to meet new friends both here in the City and in other parts of the country and the USA. Tonight, we bring it to this crescendo.

I am up here to gently open your hearts and minds to the true joy that comes from giving of yourself for the benefit of others. That caring for others, working on their behalf is the most beautiful thing you can ever do for yourself. Your life will be enriched beyond imagining.

Volunteering, whether in the CGSL or other aspects of life will teach you new skills, bring you respect, build your community, expand your knowledge and fill your heart with joy.

Sitting in front of me are a duo of men that breathed life into this organization. They are the first and second Commissioners of the CGSL:  1976, Barry Borsellino and 1977, Jack Brannigan. Together with Warren Shepell our third Commissioner in 1978, they risked careers and more to create a safe place for us. They will blush and demure but I will never forget how my life was transformed by their act of courage. My gratitude to them and all those that followed is profound. To every volunteer, every manager, every executive board officer since then I owe an un-repayable debt. Thank You for caring enough. Your generosity has in fact, transformed the world.

I have come to the belief that our greatest treasure is our time. It is finite, once spent it is not recoverable. Once it is gone there is no more.

What will you do with your treasure?

I ask you to look into your hearts and hear the truth in my words.

Be wise with your treasure.

Spend it lavishly on each other.